A fresh perspective on traditional Japanese cuisine – available for takeout and dine-in.

Formerly Bluefin2, WOOJUNG finally opened an establishment that reflects the Kim family dining experience in August 2015. (We originally opened our doors in October 2012). Same food, same family, better name and t-shirts!

By providing a comfortable and homey atmosphere while presenting the finest Japanese cuisine, WOOJUNG is back with a new wind under its wings. As always, one can also find creative twists on traditional sushi plates as well.

WOOJUNG is a family-run operation, run by Thomas and Matilda. You will likely meet them when dining in our hole-in-the-wall restaurant for a Kim Family experience. Thomas, with his Ph.D. in biology, ended his research career at the University of Pennsylvania to then open WOOJUNG in October of 2012. Since then, we have enjoyed dining with our regulars, meeting traveling businessmen/women, and introducing new sushi-eaters to their next favorite cuisine.

WOOJUNG = Woo (their son) + Jung (their daughter). By putting the names of their two children together, Thomas and Matilda were able to develop a restaurant that is less generic and much more familial. Additionally, “Woojung” also means “friendship” in Korean, hence the logo’s two orange circles that are connected in an infinity sign. You’ll often find Jung, their daughter/social media coordinator/sushi guru/yogi, serving at the restaurant. Woo is currently an aspiring environmental engineer, adventuring in the heart of NYC.

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7 thoughts on “MEET THE FAMILY

  1. Hi, I called on Friday about a reservation for Friday, June 3. I originally planned on 15 people but recently found out that it will be 18 people. Will this be a problem? Please let me know! Thank you! 6109997645

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  2. This is my favorite sushi restaurant in the philly area by far. Super fresh fish, creative specials, intimate atmosphere and excellent service. Dont be fooled by the location. This is that great hole in the wall that not many people know about!

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  3. My wife and I came to eat dinner at 5 pm and this was our first visit. We were greeted so warmly by Jung and her mother. We had a delicious meal and great service. We will be back in two weeks to have dinner with 30 others classmates and spouses from GFS, and we can not wait, What fabulous food.


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