Established October 2012, WOOJUNG is a family-run business by the Kim family, focusing on food, family, happiness. We are BYOB and closed on Sundays. 

Sadly, Thomas Kim passed away in December of 2017, leaving the family and our regular sushi patrons with an extra yearning for the Thomas Specialty Roll, available on the dinner menu.


WOOJUNG = Woo (their son) + Jung (their daughter). By putting the names of their two children together, Thomas and Matilda were able to develop a restaurant that is less generic and much more familial. Additionally, “Woojung” also means “friendship” in Korean, hence the logo’s two orange circles that are connected in an infinity sign. 



  • My favorite place for sushi! Matilda knows how it’s done- fresh sushi and friendly service. I especially enjoy the lunch specials here.

    Highlights: the oyster shot is a must!  Also their salmon is my go-to

    Favorite Place for Sushi!