North Shore Tip

If you’re feeling like you want the North Shore but you also want rice, ask for the roll to be wrapped with rice and seaweed! Nice tip and trick for those of us who have an unconditional love for 🍚 💕. Happy Sunday, y’all!

White Tiger & Woojung Rolls

It seems like we can’t get enough of some of our classic favorite rolls! The photo above displays the Woojung Roll (front) and the White Tiger Roll (back). Both have large followings from the sushi fam member we’ve added over the past few years and are great options to try for the next dine-in/take-out opp!

Hodge Podge Roll

Warmer weather is hitting and it’s time to start showing our fullest colors! The HODGE PODGE ROLL. It’s perfect for when you just can’t decide what you want.

Kani avocado roll

Purple sushi rice

2 x spicy tuna

2 x salmon avocado & truffle oil

2 x white tiger

1 x seaweed salad

1 x marinated Korean beets

Ask for this off-menu special tonight!