Photos of our food, courtesy of instagram, today’s social media devices, and the talented Ryan at
wpid-img_20140509_200722.jpg wpid-img_20140327_190637.jpgtuna 202

*Tako Carpaccio – slices of octopus sashimi in Yuzu dressing

Tako Carpaccio

*White Tuna Habanero: Slices of buttery white tuna sashimi, residing with greens in a salsa dressing.

White Tuna Habanero


*White Tiger (left) and Cuba Dragon Roll (right)
side shot bar - 3 sushi  part two

godzilla roll side shot bar - white tiger roll

*(from left to right): Dynamite Roll, Spicy Crunchy Tuna, Geisha Roll, North Shore Rollside shot bar - dynamite, geish, north shore, SCT

geisha, north shore side shot bar - 3 sushi


*Sashimi Dinner (left)
sashimi dish

Previous Specialties:

*Specialty roll for July 2013: Tuna Planet

tuna planet 2

*Specialty roll for July 2013: Tornado Roll

Tornado Roll

*Specialty for July 2013: Spicy Tuna Tartare

sp tuna tartar


*Specialty for June 2013: Dragon Eyes – two seared scallops, wrapped in unagi sashimi, spicy sauce, scallions, and roe.

Dragon Eyes




*New rainbow roll (left), maguro and unagi nigiri
new rainbow roll and nigiri
*Special in May 2013: specialty roll in a pool of honey glaze, surrounded by a ponzu circlehoney glaze

*Eclectic mix of specials, including our Botan Shrimp Sushi Special (front) – served with a fried shrimp head chip! image

*View of the Sushi Bar
shot of bar

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